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Programming training

Especially for those who want to learn something new or deepen their knowledge in the field of programming, we have compiled a listof iOS and Android applications with the help of which you will learn how to create new games and apps without even getting out of bed. So, grab a smartphone, open the App Store or Google Play and let's start! 1) SoloLearn An application with a huge amount of completely free programming materials.Here you will find everything the developer needs, including the study of such frameworks and programming languages as HTML, Java, CSS, Python, Kotlin, C ++, C, C #, Swift, Ruby, SQLand many others. Moreover, the application has a built-in mobile code editorwhere you can try your hand at writing your own code. A constant feedback from experienced game and application developersaround the world will help you solve any issue. The application is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. 2) Codegym With this application, you can quickly and easily learn the Java programming language from scratch.The application contains more than 1200 tasks and games, as well as 600 small lectures that allow you to qualitatively master the material both in theory and in practice. If you don'thave enough time to take full-fledged programming courses- this is your option. It's enough to usethe application 30 minutes a day to start developing yourown games and applications in the Java language. 3) Programming Hub An application created with the support of Google and based on various studies. Itoffers its users to go from a beginner to a professional in the field of game and application development. All tasks are done in a playful way, which helps to fully concentrate on the material being studied and to master it efficiently and quickly. 4) Encode In the Android application, you have to learn three main programming languages - Python, Java and HTML, and in the application for iOS devices - Swift.Although the choice of courses is not very large, usually by the end of the program, novice developers are already able to solve complex problems and can write almost any project from scratch. 5) Enki An application for those who already have at least a little experience in programming. To determine the level of the user, the application offers to take a test, and you can be sure that you won't start the study from the very basics. The application will offer you the latest materials based on your level: courses on software development, web programming, SQL and blockchain.


Dark theme: hype or a useful tool?

Recently, the operating systems of various devices have begun to support dark themes in applications. Moreover, this mode has become an almost mandatory component of most applications. What is a dark theme? Is it really necessary for users? Is a dark theme better than a light one? Let's look at these issues together. The dark theme is the design of the application interface in dark colors, in the development of which designers use a dark background instead of a light one, but text and icons are light so that they stand out against a dark background. Today, almost all new operating systems support a dark theme and, analyzing information about the environment of the user, transmit all the necessary data to applications. Thus, the user either automatically sees the dark theme of the interfaces when there is a lack of natural light, and the light theme in the conditions of sufficient illumination, or can change dark and light themes manually, depending on personal preferences. WHY DOES A USER NEED A DARK THEME AT ALL? If the users are in a poorly lit room for a long time, they are unlikely to be glad to see a bright rectangle in front of their eyes. In most cases, the lack of a choice of a dark or light theme can lead to a complete refusal of the user to use the application or website. Many streaming services initially have a dark theme, because their developers take into account the fact that many users often watch videos at night or in poorly lit places. In this case, the dark theme is one of the most relevant application design options that won't distract users from the main content. The easiest and fastest way to make a dark theme to your application is to create shadows for all the colors of your brand. A vivid example of a well-executed dark theme is the official Twitter app. Instead of a banal black background, the designers picked up the dark tones of their signature blue hue, which makes their application more recognizable and original. Finally, one of the most important benefits of a dark theme is battery saving. The largest amount of power is consumed by the display, and this amount directly depends on the total amount of light emitted by it. Therefore, the application, designed in dark colors, consumes 90% less energy than a light application.


SDK for Microsoft dual-screen smartphones

Microsoft introduced their new device. An interesting feature of the smartphone is two screens connected by hinges. Surface Duo runs on the Android operating system, and the diagonal of each screen is 5.6 inches. Despite the fact that the device has not yet gone on sale, the company has already released its SDK to help developers adapting their applications to the new device. The presence of two screens opens up many new possibilities. The company offers several possible options for their use: two screens display one whole image and work as one big screen; each application displays its own application, which allows the user to work with two applications simultaneously; the application window is displayed on one screen, and on the second is a keyboard for typing or a joystick for games, etc. Microsoft experts note that the new product is still under development, and therefore in the next few months, the capabilities of this device can be expanded based on feedback from developers. Microsoft also offers third-party developers to learn various input methods (touch, stylus, etc.), as well as various orientations for devices with two screens. The company also offers developers to implement the drag-and-drop function from one screen to another in their applications. This function is one of the most innovative and useful in this device: you can drag and drop various elements from one application to another. To test new mobile applications by third-party developers, Microsoft released an Android emulator for Surface Duo.


The libraries of free icons

Creating a beautiful and unique application interface, developers, web and game designers use icons. In order not to reinvent the wheel, you can use ready-made icons. Especially for you, we have compiled a small list of sites where you can find thousands of free icons and use them in the design of your application. The Noun Project Here you can choose the right options for your project from more than 2 million icons from different artists. Iconmonstr A site with four thousand different icons from one artist, divided into 300 collections. Good Stuff No Nonsense A library of hand-drawn icons created by one artist. Orion A collection of more than 8 thousand icons with a built-in editor. Icomoon A library of free icons with 4000 options. Pictonic A site with iconic fonts that don't lose quality when scaling, therefore they are used mainly by web designers when creating sites. Flaticon On this site you can find more than 2 million icons in various formats. Font Awesome The most popular resource among designers who use icon fonts. PixelLove A site with 15 thousand icons designed specifically for designers who create an application interface on Android and iOS.


Rating of programming languages 2020

Developers try to simplify and at the same time improve the process of developing games and applications. A lot of new programming languages appear for iOS and Android, and sometimes it’s very difficult for beginners to make a choice: what language should you start learning programming with? What programming languages are most relevant now? We decided to simplify the task for beginners, and everyone who is interested in the news of the gaming industry, and made our own rating of programming languages, describing their advantages and disadvantages SWIFT The programming language developed by Apple. It is suitable for developing games and applications for the platforms iOS, OS X, iPadOS, MacOS and WatchOS. This programming language is quite new, but is developing rapidly. Advantages: - easy to learn and create interfaces; - multifunctional; - the iOS platform is the most profitable. Disadvantages: - there are no instructions from Apple, but there are many materials on the Internet; - not cross-platform; - Mac is required to develop games and applications in this programming language. KOTLIN Kotlin programming language, developed by JetBrains, is fully compatible with Java, which allows developers who are familiar with Java quickly switch to this language and embed new functions in ready-made projects without having to rewrite the entire code. Moreover, at the Google I/O 2019 conference, this programming language was recognized as a priority when developing games and applications for Android devices. Advantages: - simple and multifunctional; - opens up new possibilities in the development of products for the Android platform; - fully compatible with Java. Disadvantages: - not fully cross-platform; - has a relatively small community of users. DART The programming language developed by Google, which the company intended as an alternative to JavaScript. This new language is used in the Flutter framework, which allows you to create an application for any main platform. Advantages: - cross-platform; - actively developing and has the support of Google; - creating an interface is not tied to a specific operating system, but is developed using code. Disadvantages: - has a relatively small community of users. JAVASCRIPT One of the most popular programming languages in the world. Most often used when creating interactive web pages, as well as in cross-platform frameworks. Advantages: - cross-platform; - easy to learn; - a large community of users; - a lot of materials on the network. Disadvantages: - requires external frameworks.


ASO Optimization Trends

More than 1.3 million games and applications, which were released in 2019, significantly increased overall competition in the gaming market and increased demand for ASO. ASO - a set of measures to optimize the application, including the optimization of the name of the application, its description and keywords. A high-quality ASO helps to make it easier for users to find applications among others. According to AppFigures, the following trends will appear in the field of application optimization in 2020: 1) A lot of companies will start using ASO to optimize their applications. Already, more than half (60%) of the top apps and games in USAuse keyword optimization, which is 50% more than at the beginning of 2019. And the faster application developers see the potential of ASO, the more difficult it will be to succeed in promoting the application without ASO optimization. 2) Apple and Google will change the search algorithms. Both companies are constantly working on improving game and application search algorithms to provide users with relevant results. It is expected that in 2020 Applewill pay attention to fair competition of applications and will track the ways in which some applications gain an unjustifiably high rating to further fix search system bugs. Google will change the rating system of the applicationby the number of downloads for the whole existence of the app to the rating by the number of recent downloads and calculate its average rating. This will increase the chances of new applications for taking the first lines of the top. 3) Keywords will become phrases. The frequent use of short keywords and general terms leads to the glut and makes the use of such keywords in optimization unprofitable due to high competition. At the same time, the search algorithms of many systems are improved every day and allow users to find games and applications not only by individual words and terms, but also by phrases and even sentences. And in connection with the emergence of new features of search engines, a thorough study of keywords and phrases will become a decisive factor in high-quality ASO application optimization. 4) Page conversion will be the main indicator of the success of the application. Attracting a large number of users to the page with the applicationis only a half of a good ASO. An equally important indicator is the number of downloads of the application, i.e. the number of those who not only viewed the page, but also became interested in the product, deciding to useit. It is expected that in 2020, the number of those developers who will pay great attention to how well the number of page impressions of the application is converted to downloads will increase significantly.