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Game development is our main passion. We are focused on results and focused on all the details while creating applications, in order to achieve our goals. Our work brings us pleasure and strength to create our own masterpieces and promote our ideas. We are ready to share with you the accumulated knowledge of a game industry and expertise to develop well-designed and high-quality worlds.

We carry out a full cycle of developing games for Android, iOS, PC, AR / VR: from generating ideas, developing concepts and preparing technical specifications to publishing on the App Store, Google Play and other markets. We support our clients in each step of game creation.

Our team consists of experienced game development professionals. Our programmers come from various startups and have a wide experience in a game development. Our artists use a creative approach and a modern vision of game graphics.

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We will work together with our clients and regularly report on the work done, promptly making changes.


Our development process is filled with interesting ideas. We find a balance between strict adherence to requirements and creativity.


We love what we do. Our job is primarily based on improvements and consistent grow.

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Cat Tower

Welcome to the world of adventures of furry and cute cats - Cat Tower: Idle builder! Become a cat office director! Help cats to evolve, click on them and earn coins, improve rooms and create your own business.

Belka (Squirrel)

Squirrel is a card game for 4 players. A party consists of several games called distributions. The goal of this game is to score of 12 or more points in a batch or score 120 points in the distribution. The game is played with a regular deck of 36 cards


Aircraft battles, multiplayer, online, 3D in 2D environments, with the ability to customize the aircraft and the pilot.

LS Garage

Garage is a multiplayer 2D game for Android and iOS with a simple built-in store. Create your own design for the car and show it to the whole world. Earn coins, buy new design elements and improve your cars.

Battle Of Planets

Try out your luck with cryptocurrency.

Clean The Roads

Save people from snow captivity. Improve your snow blower to save more people from snow captivity.

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3D modeling in games

No modern game can do without 3D graphics, and the profession of a 3D artist has recently become increasingly popular. How are 3D models created for games? What programs can you use to turn a 2D game into 3D and realistic one? Keep reading and you will find the answers to these questions. The process of creating a 3D model of any game consists of several stages. Modeling 3D artists use polygonal modeling for games, which is easy to visualize. The artist is limited by the capabilities of the game engine and platform, and the number of polygons for each element is set in advance. The graphics are noticeably improving in lots of new games, andthe artist faces a difficult task: to improve the visual component of the game with a limited number of polygons. The most popular programs for creating 3D models are: Autodesk Maya Autodesk 3Ds Max Cinema 4D Modo Blender The last of which is free and often used by indie-developers for creating games. Texturing When a general view of the 3D model is ready, the texture artist continues to create the image of an object adding textures. First of all the artist creates an UV mapping (a two-dimensional image of a 3D model) to set the textures more accurately. You can create UV mapping in the same programs as the models themselves, but the most convenient way to do this is to use the UVLayout program. Rigging At this step, using the same programs for creating 3D models, artists create bones of the character and controllers to manipulate these bones. They help to animate an object. Animation The main task of animators is to “revive” the model and make its movements more realistic. The easiest and fastest way to animate a model is animation on key frames, when the animator sets the starting and ending positions of the character's movement, and the program automatically completes the missing frames. However, even in this case, it is often necessary to correct the result. The best programs for creating character animation are Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D. Rendering The final step of creating a 3D model is the final visualization of the scenes. In games, real-time rendering is used, because reactions to the player's actions occur instantly. To save the quality of graphics, artists usually use different 3D accelerators. One of the most powerful visualizers are: Mental Ray, VRay and Renderman. Compositing When all the work is completed, the compositor integrates all the parts into a single scene, integrates three-dimensional characters and other 3D elements into the game, eliminates shortcomings and removes unnecessary things, works on various effects. Composer is responsible for the final product. Professional compositing software: Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion. In RedRift, Inc. there are talented and professional 3D artists who will make your game as realistic as possible. If you have any questions, write us a message. We will answer quickly and help you to solve any problem!

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Game platforms: Steam and Origin

The game industry became not just a place for entertainment, but turned into a real business. It is almost impossible to find the official version of a good game for free. Anyway, the developers try to make a profit from the product, because they have spent a lot of time, efforts and energy to create the game. Games are sold on special virtual platforms. Among the most popular of them - Steam and Origin. What are the pros and cons of these services? Which one is better? What are the bonuses for each them? Steam Steam - at this moment is the largest platformwith the most extensive library of games. Here are the most generous discounts and the largest community of users. There are more than fifteen thousand games inthe Steam collection, and on holidays you can buy the game with a discount of up to 60%. The disadvantages of the site stem from its merits: recently it has become too big. And it's to difficult to find a good game among thousands of low quality. Another disadvantage is not the most responsive technical support. However, we can understand them. When there are more than 120 million users, it’s really difficult to answer them all in time. Origin Origin is a platform owned by Electronic Arts. Most of the games developed by EA. Often Origin makes promotions and gives games for free, as well as provides an opportunity to play the game for free, and after the trial period expires, decide whether to buy it or not. What about disadvantages? The library of EA games is very limited, prices sometimes are higher than you expected, and the unstable work of the service, not the most convenient application, the lack of a recommendation system, and not the most comfortable interface make the process of using this platform rather complicated. But if you are a fan of games like Battlefield, Crysis, Star Wars: Battlefront, The Sims, then the choice of site for buying a game is obvious. Each game platform has its advantages and disadvantages, but we can confidently say that these platforms are not competitors. They complement each other. And if you want to see your game on one of them - write us a message. RedRift, Inc. will help to realize your dream!

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