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Game development is our main passion. We are focused on results and focused on all the details while creating applications, in order to achieve our goals. Our work brings us pleasure and strength to create our own masterpieces and promote our ideas. We are ready to share with you the accumulated knowledge of a game industry and expertise to develop well-designed and high-quality worlds.

We carry out a full cycle of developing games for Android, iOS, PC, AR / VR: from generating ideas, developing concepts and preparing technical specifications to publishing on the App Store, Google Play and other markets. We support our clients in each step of game creation.

Our team consists of experienced game development professionals. Our programmers come from various startups and have a wide experience in a game development. Our artists use a creative approach and a modern vision of game graphics.

Close cooperation

We will work together with our clients and regularly report on the work done, promptly making changes.


Our development process is filled with interesting ideas. We find a balance between strict adherence to requirements and creativity.


We love what we do. Our job is primarily based on improvements and consistent grow.

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Cat Tower

Welcome to the world of adventures of furry and cute cats - Cat Tower: Idle builder! Become a cat office director! Help cats to evolve, click on them and earn coins, improve rooms and create your own business.

Belka (Squirrel)

Squirrel is a card game for 4 players. A party consists of several games called distributions. The goal of this game is to score of 12 or more points in a batch or score 120 points in the distribution. The game is played with a regular deck of 36 cards


Colour by number and animate your pixel image with Sandpix! Our application has coloring patterns for all tastes, so you can choose any theme and complexity of your pixel-art game. Create your own artworks and share them with your friends!

LS Garage

Garage is a multiplayer 2D game for Android and iOS with a simple built-in store. Create your own design for the car and show it to the whole world. Earn coins, buy new design elements and improve your cars.

Battle Of Planets

Try out your luck with cryptocurrency.

Clean The Roads

Save people from snow captivity. Improve your snow blower to save more people from snow captivity.


We create animated templates for ads in social media. The templates are easy-to-use, you just need an iPhone or MAC. Advertise your business beautifully and with a high CTR.

HITNUT:I need this nut

And who said Squirrels can’t fly? We are ready to prove you wrong in HitNut!

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Game programming languages

The basis of a mobile or computer game, like any computer software, is code. Developers encrypt all the mechanics of the game using a special language, with the help of which they “communicate” not only with the device, but also with other developers. What programming languages should you know to create a game? Let's figure it out. There are several programming languages for developing games, and the simplest game can be written even in html. Despite the fact that html is used for creating sites, and it's not a programming language at all, this is the fastest and easiest way to live out the idea of a game with the most minimal requirements. Java Mobile applications and games are mostly written in Java. This language is more complex than html, but the games will be more complex and interesting too. However, unlike colorful computer games, the process of their creation is simplified due to the small screen of mobile devices and their weaker technical characteristics. The advantage of Java is its cross-platform feature, i.e., when it was created, it was assumed that it would be supported by all devices. The most famous Java game is Minecraft. It's interesting that the first version of this game was developed in just 6 days. JavaScript JavaScript is most often used to create scripts and browser games. This programming language allows you to store character data and work with graphics. JavaScript has few opportunities in game creation, but browser games attract millions of users not by code complexity, but due to well-made game mechanics. C# One of the most popular programming languages is C#. Created in 2010 by Microsoft, this language is used to develop games on the Unity engine and is supported on any platform, including consoles, PCs and mobile devices on both Android and iOS. An excellent example of the game written in C# is Angry Birds. It was developed only by 4 people in 8 months, spending on the creation about $140 000. C++ To create computer games, VR games, online multiplayer games with realistic graphics, developers use the most complex programming language - C++. But despite its complexity, it also has lots of possibilities. When developing an AAA class game, you need to take into account many details, for example, lighting, element shadows, animation, etc., therefore, work on such projects is carried out in large game development studios. These games are most often created on engines, but, for example, the popular game World of Warcraft, was written in C++ without any engine. Also in this language were written such famous games as Call of Duty, FIFA, The Sims, Doom3 and many others. So what language should you learn to develop your own game? And which one is the most universal? There is no universal language, and when creating a game, developers might use up to 7-8 programming languages, so get ready to become a polyglot if you want to be a good game developer. The more languages a developer knows, the more interesting and complex tasks they face. And if you don’t know which language is better for the start of your path as a developer, take a look at special programs for creating games. For example, you can use the GameMaker program and start implementing your ideas, while studying the general mechanics of games and the principles of their development.

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