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Game development is our main passion. We are focused on results and focused on all the details while creating applications, in order to achieve our goals. Our work brings us pleasure and strength to create our own masterpieces and promote our ideas. We are ready to share with you the accumulated knowledge of a game industry and expertise to develop well-designed and high-quality worlds.

We carry out a full cycle of developing games for Android, iOS, PC, AR / VR: from generating ideas, developing concepts and preparing technical specifications to publishing on the App Store, Google Play and other markets. We support our clients in each step of game creation.

Our team consists of experienced game development professionals. Our programmers come from various startups and have a wide experience in a game development. Our artists use a creative approach and a modern vision of game graphics.

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We will work together with our clients and regularly report on the work done, promptly making changes.


Our development process is filled with interesting ideas. We find a balance between strict adherence to requirements and creativity.


We love what we do. Our job is primarily based on improvements and consistent grow.

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Cat Tower

Welcome to the world of adventures of furry and cute cats - Cat Tower: Idle builder! Become a cat office director! Help cats to evolve, click on them and earn coins, improve rooms and create your own business.

Belka (Squirrel)

Squirrel is a card game for 4 players. A party consists of several games called distributions. The goal of this game is to score of 12 or more points in a batch or score 120 points in the distribution. The game is played with a regular deck of 36 cards


Aircraft battles, multiplayer, online, 3D in 2D environments, with the ability to customize the aircraft and the pilot.

LS Garage

Garage is a multiplayer 2D game for Android and iOS with a simple built-in store. Create your own design for the car and show it to the whole world. Earn coins, buy new design elements and improve your cars.

Battle Of Planets

Try out your luck with cryptocurrency.

Clean The Roads

Save people from snow captivity. Improve your snow blower to save more people from snow captivity.


We create animated templates for ads in social media. The templates are easy-to-use, you just need an iPhone or MAC. Advertise your business beautifully and with a high CTR.

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Eye tracking technology

One of the easiest ways of interacting with the world is by our eyes. When we meet people, first of all, we exchange a look and only then say “hello”. Similarly, in games: first we look at the menu, and only after that press the play button. But we can't exchange glances with the character of the game without special devices. What devices exist to control the game through gaze? What are the prospects of the technology for tracking the gaze of a player? Let's find the answers to these questions. All modern eye tracking devices work on the same principle. The infrared light integrated in the device is reflected on the cornea of ​​the user's eye, while the cameras of the device record a video. The final image is processed by a special algorithm that takes into account the location of the lens flare relative to the pupil. There are several eye tracking devices, but the most suitable for video games are Sentry and Tobii 4C. The first one is a thin black and red bar that is mounted on a computer monitor and scans the user's eyes 50 times per second. This device is convenient not only for the players, but also for the audience. For example, if a gamer broadcasts on Twitch using Sentry, then the audience sees where the gamer's gaze is directed, and this helps better understand his actions. Tobii 4C is a game eye tracker that is manually configured by the company's engineers directly for each game. At the moment, more than 135 games support eye control, while using Tobii 4C. Also a great advantage of Tobii 4C is the support of control by gaze of the Windows 10 operating system. Recently, Nvidia, in collaboration with SMI, has shown how to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world by integrating the eye tracking module on HTC Vive. When VR technologies with built-in sensors for tracking the player’s gaze become available to everyone, a new era of video games will begin. Just imagine users will not only look at images of game characters, but also communicate with them in the virtual world, looking directly into their eyes. On the one hand, a slightly frightening perspective, reminiscent of the plot of a science fiction movie, but on the other hand, there are thousands of new opportunities, impressions and sensations.

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