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25.09.2021Top 5 Most Popular Apps in August 2021
Top 5 Most Popular Apps in August 2021

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, TikTok is the most popular non-gaming app this August. This is the application that users downloaded 66 million times on their devices, which is 6% more than the number of downloads in the same period of the previous year. In 2021, among all countries, TikTok was installed most actively by residents of China (15%) and the United States (10%).

Instagram took the second place in the number of downloads in the world. This non-gaming app has been downloaded over 59 million times, up 26% from last August. Among all the countries in the world, the most downloaded this application was found in India (36%) and Indonesia (6%).

Also in the top 5 most downloaded non-gaming apps in August 2021 were Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger.

25.09.2021New Programming Language by OpenAI
New Programming Language by OpenAI

OpenAI has developed a new programming language - Triton, which allows you to write highly efficient GPU code for working with AI. An innovative programming language is able, like an expert developer, to create code in just 25 lines, increasing the productivity of equipment.

The main goal of the new, Python-like programming language is to automate equipment optimization processes so that developers have more time to write quality code. It makes it easier to develop custom kernels that can run much faster than kernels in general purpose libraries. The Triton compiler optimizes the code for execution on modern NVIDIA GPUs. It uses data flow analysis and static scheduling of iterative blocks.

Triton was first featured in a 2019 article at the International Machine Learning and Programming Languages ​​Festival. And now the first stable version is already available in the project's GitHub repository.

03.09.2021New smartphones Google Pixel 6
New smartphones Google Pixel 6

This autumn, Google will release a new model of the Pixel smartphone. The first images of new devices appeared on the network, as well as some of their characteristics.

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro feature a new "industrial" design, have a massive bulge with three rear cameras (main wide-angle camera, secondary ultra-wide-angle camera and 4x telephoto lens), and also run on Android 12. The Pro version is equipped with a curved 6.7 inch Quad HD display. The regular Pixel 6 smartphone has a lower refresh rate, Full HD resolution and a 6.4-inch display.

The main feature of new smartphones is a built-in proprietary microphone, developed jointly with Samsung. A feature of the new Google Tensor chip is the optimization of neural networks that can be used for processing photos, transforming voice into text and other similar tasks.

The new Pixel smartphones are also equipped with an updated security system - Titan M2. The first version of the Titan M was first introduced in the Pixel 3 smartphone.

Google has not yet disclosed all the details of new products, including prices and start dates, but there is information that the first devices will be available in eight countries.

03.09.2021MY.GAMES creative jam
MY.GAMES creative jam

Creative Jam from MY.GAMES is taking place right now and you will still have time to participate in it!

From July 20 to September 30, 2021, an online jam will take place, where anyone can create their own advertising video creative for games, and the authors of the best videos will receive $ 6,500 each.

Representatives of MY.GAMES say that today's game advertising is diverse and bold ideas and has a lot of room for creativity. The competition in this area is fierce and therefore every author strives to stand out. Jam is aimed at developing game advertising and creating conditions for the realization of their creative fantasies, even for those who create a commercial for the first time.

Jam participants will be able to use the visuals of the Hustle Castle game as the basis for their creations. Their variety will allow you to create a unique game advertisement.

Also during the event, master classes will be organized from experienced developers, marketers and other specialists in the creation of games and applications.

To participate in the jam, you need to create a game commercial of 10-30 seconds, using the heroes of the game Hustle Castle, and upload it on the official website of the event until September 30 inclusive. Then, within a month, all commercials will be tested through the Creo Success Score platform. The creators of the four videos that will score the most points, as well as the creator of the fifth, whose ad will be selected by an expert jury, will receive cash prizes in the amount of 6.5 thousand dollars. Read more about the rules for holding a jam here.

24.08.2021Netflix: gaming ambitions of the company
Netflix: gaming ambitions of the company

Netflix said the service will focus on developing its content on mobile over the next few years, working on projects such as Black Mirror Bandersnatch and Stranger Things. The company includes free access to these and other games for those who subscribed to the service.

Company officials also say they will work on game projects along with films and television: "We see games as another new category of content for us, similar to our expansion into original films, animation and television."

During 2020, the company was actively developing: in the first three months of last year, thanks to closed cinemas and self-isolation, 16 million new customers joined the Netflix service. In 2021, the pace of development slowed down noticeably and reached only 3.98 million in the first quarter and 1.5 million new users in the second quarter.

Despite an overall slowdown in the company's growth, Netflix's revenue grew 19% year-over-year to 7.3 billion in the quarter. According to the company's forecasts, the number of new users will grow again thanks to new game projects. 

24.08.2021App Bundle instead of APK
App Bundle instead of APK

From August 2021, Android App Bundle (AAB) will become the standard publication format on Google Play. The new format will replace the APK, and here are some of the benefits that influenced Google's decision:


AAB makes the app 15% smaller on average than the APK. This increases the download speed of applications, which can lead to more downloads and fewer uninstalls.


With Google's secure infrastructure, your app signing key is safe. All thanks to the Play App Signing technology, which, among other things, provides the ability to update the key to a more secure cryptographic one.

Fast loading

Play Asset Delivery is a modern application component delivery function that allows you to control which modules, to which device and when to deliver. In addition, users receive only those resources that are right for their device. With this, there is no loss of space or bandwidth. Already more than 10% of the best applications using the AAV format use it.

It is important to note that the AAB requirement applies only to new applications. There are no requirements for existing ones at the moment, as well as for private applications that are used by users managed by Google Play.