Cards of Eternity: New Big Patch Released

Cards of Eternity: New Big Patch Released Image

Cards of Eternity has received big updates that elevate the gameplay experience. Our Red Rift team has been hard at work to bring you captivating visual effects and an innovative progression system that will truly elevate your gameplay.

Visual effects have been refined, with some cards having their effects removed to create a smoother experience. However, the stunning effects of Foresight will be incorporated into another card or ability in the future. Reincarnation has also undergone a visual makeover, adding a touch of mystique to its gameplay.

Quality of life improvements include a subtle glow on activated relics, making it easier to track their usage. Additionally, the introduction of the Emote system allows players to express themselves during gameplay, adding a new layer of interaction.

New players are welcomed with a special bonus of 350 Aether Coins, granting them access to a world of opportunities from the start. This gesture of appreciation enriches the gaming experience and invites players to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Game mechanics have been refined, particularly affecting the Twilight Cloak, Guardian, and Inquisitor's Dome. These changes introduce strategic depth and encourage players to adapt their strategies.

Promo cards like Moonlight, Axodon, and Atlas offer new possibilities for players to explore on the battlefield, further enriching the gameplay experience.

These updates mark a new era for Cards of Eternity. Players can look forward to future enchanting updates as they immerse themselves in this ever-evolving world. Step into the realm of Cards of Eternity and discover the magic and strategy that await. Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience in a world where legends are made.

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