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High-quality application optimization

Application optimization is a priority, but in many cases a rather difficult task. A lot of developers, releasing new applications, focus only on large and developed countries, but they forget about countries with a large population, but with poor connection to the internet. For example, in India with a population of almost 1.5 billion people, only a third are connected to the Internet, while most of them use devices with small screens and a small amount of RAM. In this case, high-quality optimization helps to promote applications. Reduce the size of the application. For many users, the size of the application is crucial when installing it. How to do it? - Minimize the number of third-party libraries. In this case, it will become more difficult for developers to work with the application, but sometimes it's not rational to connect an entire library for a couple of functions. All these functions can be described in code. It will slightly increase the development time, but significantly reduce the size of the application. - Create lightweight images. Pictures take up the most space in the application. To compress complex images, use the WebP format. Pictures in this format weigh almost 10 times less than original. If the pictures are simple in your application, use vector images. Such images weigh less and adapt to any screen, without losing quality. - Optimize your application code with additional programs. For example, the Proguard deletes unused application resources and optimizes the code. - Use the built-in resources of the platform. For example, the Android operating system has its own drawable objects class, which makes it possible to draw simple images inside the system without loading external program resources. At the same time, if you have the same images, but of different colors, you can store them not as two copies, but as an image + color filter, which also saves a little space. The creation of such non-standard solutions takes some time, but will help to significantly save free RAM on users' devices. - Use the App Bundle. With this feature, the application is not assembled by the developer, but already on the platform. This will help to compress the application size by about 30%, because the type of user's device is already known on the platform, and the application will be assembled only from those elements that suit it. Internet connection is far from always stable and cheap. How to make the user feel comfortable while using the application even with a poor connection? - Use ETag to download only updated information, and not re-download what has already been viewed by the user. - Data caching is the main tool in the absence of a high-quality connection or expensive traffic. - Add the ability for the user to decide whether to upload pictures or not. It takes a lot of traffic to download images, and if the user wants to see only the text, he won't have to wait until the rest of the page content is loaded.


Covid-19 VS Game Industry

For the first time in many years, an event occurred that shook the whole world and affected the lives of millions of people. While the coronavirus epidemic caused losses to many large companies, the mobile games and applications industry was in its best time. Self-isolation has forced many people to rethink their lifestyles, learn the online profession, and even change their regular work to remote. Due to the fact that not only office centers were closed, but also entertainment complexes, people had to find a replacement for the usual entertainment on the Internet. The need for entertainment of people who are forced to stay at home has increased several times. During the epidemic, for example, many online cinemas made discounts and even offered almost free movie viewing for a whole month trying to attract as many users as possible from such a marketing-friendly time. The need for mobile games also grew, as games are one of the fastest and most affordable ways to get the necessary emotions. In this article we will look at how the mobile games market has changed during the coronavirus epidemic. Downloads Let's look at the statistics. Looking at the markets of mobile games in the USA and Russia, it can be noted that on average the total number of downloads from January to March 2020 increased by 91%. At the same time, residents of the United States were more willing to download new games and applications to their smartphones, which may be due to the fact that the epidemic in the United States took place on a large scale, and the prohibitions during the period of self-isolation were stricter. Income If we consider game income, then the advantage is for iOS developers. Users of Apple devices are much more willing to spend money on in-game purchases, so the developers got the main income from games on Android platforms from the in-game advertising. Genres The most popular genres of games during the coronavirus pandemic were also Casual, Action and Arcade. However, you can also notice the growing popularity of the Simulation and Role-Playing genres on different platforms. Communication During self-isolation, the demand for instant messengers and social networks also increased. The most popular applications for communicating with people from around the world are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. Game marketing As for game marketing, in recent months, the most relevant way to advertise games and applications remains advertising through bloggers in YouTube, as blogger advertising prices have decreased, and views and conversions are growing. For some game genres, advertising on TikTok and Instagram is also well suited. Under such favorable conditions during the pandemic, the number of new players grows naturally and the main goal of publishers is only to keep them. Many developers note an increase in the installation of games and applications by 10-60%, depending on the genre. Conclusion Today we can note an increase in active users, the number of installations, as well as a decrease in competition in the gaming market, which contributes to the development of this area. The most important thing now is to properly dispose of new opportunities: wisely choose the channels for attracting users (social networks, in-game advertising, YouTube), as well as choose communication strategies for social networks and instant messengers. Choosing the best approach to attract players and keep them in the game will help increase revenue from the game or application.


AR-masks is the trend of 2020

AR-mask is a mask with virtual effects, which allows you to transform a person and his environment in real time. Recently, these masks have become especially popular in social networks, which are used by more than one billion people every day. Today we will talk about AR masks as a way of successful marketing. Interesting and unusual visual content always attracts a huge audience. So, the latest versions of AR-masks are not just cat ears or a character mask that completely covers the face, but complex tools that many companies have begun to use as advertisements for their products. For example, in Instagram stories, you can try on yourself a lipstick from Kylie Jenner, try on a new model of sneakers or create your look from the latest models of clothing. In the future, designers plan to arrange virtual fashion shows and determine the winners from among those who tried on a new collection. With the help of such campaigns, well-known brands not only advertise products, but also engage the audience through interaction. This audience not only scroll through the advertisement, but are also very likely to follow the updates of the company. Since when built-in games began to appear in masks in Instagram stories, they have become especially popular, because these mini-games don't require installation, they are easy to play, and such games don't take much time. Moreover, a lot of companies use them as giveaways. For example, Coca-Cola created the game in Instagram stories as an advertising campaign. Playing a skater, you had to drive around the city and go through obstacles, getting points. And these points after the game could be exchanged for real prizes. To create an AR-mask, you don’t need to be a programmer or web designer. There are lots of tutorialson creating your own AR-masks and integrating them into various services, including Instagram. High-quality and creative AR-mask provides immersion in virtual reality, is easy to promote, and the built-in games help to relax and take a break from the routines. That's why experts say that augmented reality masks along withAR and VR technologies become the trend of 2020. And if you want to create relevant and unusual advertising for your product, we recommend you to use modern technologies and follow popular trends.


RetouchMe: successful application localization

The team of the famous application shared their experience about the successes in localizing their product in 35 languages. First, let's talk a little about the application itself. RetouchMeis a photo editor. The user uploads his photo to the program, and after 10-15 minutes he receives a beautiful photo from professional designers. The application is paid, but there are also free functions. At the time of release, RetouchMewas one of a kind. Now there are analogues, which, however, could not overtake the original in the tops of the App Store. The application has more than 17 million installations in 150 countries, and in addition to the App Store and Google Play, the application can be downloaded to the Amazon App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. When the application was released in 2014, only a few functions were available, and the localization of the application included only Russian and English. In 2016, the application was localizedin Spanish and Simplified Chinese due to the fact that these languages are the most common in the world. A year later, the company decided to localize RetouchMe in all the languages supported by the App Store, and added 19 more languages. At the same time, developers paid special attention to the localization of application metadata (ASO). This is a translation into other languages of the application name, keywords, description and text in the screenshots. In this case, users are comfortable not only using the application itself, but also finding it on the Internet among thousands of other products. To translate the application into various languages, RetouchMe developers took the help of professional translators and contacted Alconost and Nitro. According to the head of the company, this is not only a way to make the application localization of the highest quality, but also a way to save a lot of time that the company spends on updating the application. The experience of translating the application into 35 different languages was more than successful. This is confirmed by statistics obtained immediately after application localization. For example, there was a sharp jump in the number of application downloads in India, which brought it to the tops of the App Storeand increased its popularity. Due to this, the application began to be downloaded more often and in more solvent countries than India, and this influenced the increase in the total income of the application. The company alsorevealed its own top countries in terms of customer solvency. The very first in the ranking were the USA, UK, Russia, Germany and Canada. Having enough experience in this field, the company concluded that if the released product is high-quality and unique, and the developers pay enough attention to the localization of metadata during application localization, then in almost all cases it fully justifies itself.


New retargeting tool

The company YouAppi, whose main business is application monetization, has announced the launch of a new retargeting technology. According to the company, ReAppi technology will help return users to games and applications. The number of free apps in stores exceeds the amount of paid content. The main goal of the new tool is to maximize the benefits of each installation of the application. Based on the experience of the company in application monetization and retargeting, ReAppi technology will become a library of the best techniques and methods in this area, as well as help marketers find and retain customers. With the help of ReAppi retargeting technology, existing users will be re-attracted, with a proposal to increase the number of completed levels of the game, as well as discounts on game purchases. Thus, the company plans to increase LTV and provide game developers with additional income. YouAppi has been using this technology for quite a long time and claims that retargeting has increased the number of users for a range of applications. And the results of retargeting based on personalized advertising, which was held at, showed that purchases at the company increased by 37%, and the return on funds spent on advertising increased to 110%.


Proper user onboarding

The developers usually create special screens to help users understand the interface of the application. Their main task is to briefly demonstrate the functionality of the application to users. Often, such screen is the first thing the users see when they open the application, and everyone knows that the first impressions are most lasting. Today we will tell you how to do a high quality user onboarding and keep the target audience. The first screens of applications usually contain information about its functions. Such screens can sometimes be skipped, and in some applications the function of starting work with the application becomes available after the user becomes familiar with all the screens. Problems begin when there are too many such screens. Firstly, in most cases, users download the application to instantly start working with it, and not to spend extra time studying instructions. Secondly, a lot of developers overload users with information in the first minutes of using the application, trying to explain everything at once. Therefore, we recommend that users be allowed to skip instructions in the first screens. Don't forget that among your users there will be those who are already familiar with the application interface and don't need any instructions. Also try not to overload the first screens with unnecessary information and give the tips to users when they need them. But in this case you shouldn't also add the tooltips to each button of the application. Such information is not contextual and does not allow users to study the application in direct interaction, therefore it will be quickly forgotten. Tooltips in the application interface should appear as the user gradually gets acquainted with its functionality, opening new sections. You can create user onboarding in applications by yourself, but it will take time, and if you want to create onboarding screens quickly and efficiently, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of sites that we have prepared for you. Here you will find several libraries of ready-made onboarding solutions for iOS. 1) SWIFTYONBOARD A framework that controls the displays of the screens you create. 2) PAPER ONBOARDING Slider for your application. 3) TWEENKIT Library of ready-made animations for creating onboarding. 4) CONCENTRICONBOARDING Library for landing screens with unusual transitions. 5) AMPOPTIP A library of animated tooltips for the application interface.