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Game Design on Red Rift

We want to share with you our passion for game development and reveal some secrets of this process. Do you know who is a game designer? What are their responsibilities? Most of average users suppose it's a person who creates the general rules and structure of a game, the characters and environment. That's not exactly true. They also invent the whole range of possible actions and all of the “doors” which can be opened by a player's decisions. A good game designer motivates users to reach a destination on a game map or to raise their levels not by just following the rules, but through a good game design. Only in this case a game will be popular and with the regular updates it will have a high user retention. Our experienced game designers can see a game through player's eyes, predicting all of the possible problems and difficulties and solving them while development. Red Rift, Inc. will support you during all the time of cooperation. Please, contact us for more information.