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Some ways of creating ideas for games

Would you like to create a unique game but haven't any ideas? We can help you find an inspiration. First of all, you should realize that making up ideas — it's not a talent. It's a constant work, so you should play different games. The more you play, the more you learn general mechanisms of a game process. Then try to pay attention to everything that surrounds you and think up ways to implement all these things in a game creation. You never know what could spark an idea for a new interesting gameplay concept. And finally, always get information from others when you're trying to come up with game ideas. Try to find out what games people like to play by asking your friends, colleagues, family members or even strangers on the street. And if you have any questions about game development, we're glad to answer them. Red Rift, Inc. is ready to follow your ideas and to help you create your own game. Just write us a message!


The Most Popular Games For iOS

One of the fastest growing industry is an app development. That's why developers, being in everyday competition, try to create the applications for smartphones which will be popular. These applications usually designed to facilitate user's life or just to entertain them. Let's check some great examples of the most successful applications in USA: The brilliant example of an entertaining application is “Color Hole 3D”. The idea of this game is very simple: move the hole to collect all of the white blocks and avoid the colorful ones. But it attracts millions of users! Less popular, but more useful application is “YOLO”. It allows users to share their thoughts, ideas and media content anonymously. The puzzle game “Amaze!!!” develops players' logical thinking: you need to move the ball to paint each square. It sounds easy, but you have to be consistent to reach the goal. Do you have an idea for application and you want to share it with others? Red Rift, Inc. can help you to turn you idea into a useful application. Let's create an app together and maybe it will become the most popular in the world!


Game Design on Red Rift

We want to share with you our passion for game development and reveal some secrets of this process. Do you know who is a game designer? What are their responsibilities? Most of average users suppose it's a person who creates the general rules and structure of a game, the characters and environment. That's not exactly true. They also invent the whole range of possible actions and all of the “doors” which can be opened by a player's decisions. A good game designer motivates users to reach a destination on a game map or to raise their levels not by just following the rules, but through a good game design. Only in this case a game will be popular and with the regular updates it will have a high user retention. Our experienced game designers can see a game through player's eyes, predicting all of the possible problems and difficulties and solving them while development. Red Rift, Inc. will support you during all the time of cooperation. Please, contact us for more information.