Senior developer in team with over 20+ years of experience.

We build flexible code, that even junior can understand and use.

Stable QA process providing output of a bug free products.


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Using custom Agile technique, we achieve our goals by performing short-sprints and burndowns. We are not limited to project type or project complexity - if you have the goal and a clear vision of idea = we can bring it to life! (Not without a solid budget of course). Our process is mainly about planning and adapting - about being flexible on our current goals. The technology stack we use: - Asp.Net Core - Unity3D - PhaserJs - Construct - Azure / AWS / Google Cloud services We are stick to build a fully customizable solutions inside. Most of our systems are based on our custom asset we build. We already covered most of projects possible issues, to let our developers focus only on solving specific task of a project and not thinking and solving problems that are generic for many other solutions. That way we greatly decrease our costs and improve development speed and code quality.