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Senior Game Designers - flexible document production.

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Game Design

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Love creating games. Our processes are straightly focused around quality and user retention from producing projects. First of all - market research. Important step is to know who will play our game, why make a game if no one wants to play it? We collect specified info about current market players, their goals and interests, what they love and hate, what they follow in their interests and more important, what we can give them with our game? Second step is documentation. To produce a great product, we rely on strongly typed documents, where the game itself can be played "on paper", just as it is. Our game design service include A/B testing of the idea and the mechanics of the game. This way we can better understand our end user and correct the game even before its produced. We follow simple principle - do, try, then recover. This allows us to collect as much data as we need to introduce some changes to our product, specially to boost retention and pleasure of usage for our users. Game must be simple itself, but provide players with some challenge.