AR furniture on Pinterest

AR furniture on Pinterest Image

Now on Pinterest, you can not only draw inspiration and save pictures, but also try on furniture using augmented reality technology. The new update of the application has the function of viewing decor elements and home furniture right in your interior.

Pinterest already has an AR makeup try-on. Moreover, all cosmetics available for trying on can be bought directly in the application. Now this also works with furniture. The company has reached out to Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, Macy's and Target to lend their merchandise to the new AR feature. To date, more than 20 thousand products are available for purchase.

Of course, Pinterest is not the first to introduce such an application. Back in 2017, Ikea released an app that uses augmented reality technology to view items in a user's interior and then buy them.

Pinterest has been using AR technology to sell cosmetics for a long time, the furniture niche will greatly expand the range of products and Pins tagged “trying on”.

Also, the leaders of the application are positive about the creation of the metaverse. And AR-browsable products will open up opportunities for the app to participate in the functioning of this metaverse, if it one day becomes a reality.