Apple buys start-up AI Music

Apple buys start-up AI Music Image

Apple has bought startup AI Music, which developed a system for creating music using artificial intelligence.

According to Bloomberg, the new system is capable of creating royalty-free music tracks. Moreover, these tracks are dynamic and can change in real time depending on the user's actions. For example, music can change the tone and mood while the user goes for a run. The startup website even states that AI Music can create a track that matches your heartbeat.

With the help of music generated by artificial intelligence and adjusting to the mood and actions of users, you can create your own audio and video ads, voice over videos, mobile and computer games, and much more. And thanks to the universal license, music generated with AI Music can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Apple does not comment on its acquisition, so the cost of the purchase is unknown, as well as the future use of the startup product in the company.