Mixed Reality Headset by Apple

Mixed Reality Headset by Apple Image

There is information that Apple will develop a mixed reality headset. Initially, there were rumors on the network that Apple would make an announcement in the upcoming 2022, and the headset itself would not be released until 2023. However, the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the production of the mixed reality headset will begin in the second quarter of 2022, and the presentation of the new product will take place in end of the same year.

The main purpose of the Apple headset is games, communication and multimedia. Ming-Chi Kuo also announced that the device will be released in such a version that it will soon replace all iPhone devices with it. However, Apple's first generation mixed reality headsets will not replace the company's existing devices.

One Bloomberg analyst says that Apple presented the headset concept as a game developer's dream. The device will be equipped with a powerful processor, high-quality displays with high resolution, and its own app store. The creators of the headset say that it will be quite light, but it will have two processors, two Mini-LED screens with 4K resolution, eye tracking sensors, optical sensors, and a Wi-Fi module.

The company will work with its partners to create content for the headset. The headset will also be able to use built-in services: Animoji and FaceTime. According to the developers, the use of these services in virtual reality will take digital communication to a new level.