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23.10.2021Amazon Glow
Amazon Glow

Amazon showed off their new device with which children can communicate with their relatives via video. In terms of its purpose and function, Amazon Glow is somewhat reminiscent of the line of devices of their competitors - Portal by Facebook.

Let's talk a little more about the features and characteristics of Amazon Glow. The new device has a built-in immersive projection, and is also capable of recognizing video and audio. The 8-inch display of the device is located vertically, and in front of it, on a special mat, a special 19-inch touch area is projected for games and other joint activities of interacting users.

With Amazon Glow, families can play chess and checkers, take virtual fishing trips, and train their memory. The device allows all family members to read many children's books together and draw with digital art tools. The main idea behind Amazon Glow is to recreate common gaming activities in the virtual world in such a way that all interactions with another user are as similar to real ones as possible.

Other functions of the new device also include the combination of physical and digital objects. Amazon Glow can scan any object, such as a child's toy, and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle projected onto the touch space in front of the screen. Or, conversely, the device can scan a drawing, convert it into a digital art object, which can then be artistically enhanced by any user of the device.

The device also includes a Tangram puzzle, represented in the form of physical objects (Glow Bits) with the help of which one user solves a puzzle in the real world, and another user plays with a digital puzzle on the screen of his tablet.

The new family device will start at $ 250 at the start of the day, and then go up to $ 300. The sale kit, in addition to the device itself, includes a dedicated mat to accommodate the touch space, a mat cover, a Tangram puzzle, and an annual Amazon Kids + subscription.

23.10.2021Game metrics
Game metrics

Want to learn more about game metrics? In a new free book from devtodev, professional analysts shared their experience and told how to use game metrics correctly to achieve the best results in promoting games on all platforms.

The book will be useful for novice analysts, game and application developers, managers and PR specialists, as well as students. Having studied the materials of the book, you will be able to correctly assess traffic and refuse unprofitable sources. Find out which metrics to track when creating a game. Learn to identify and change product weaknesses to improve user experience and profitability, as well as analyze audience engagement and the effectiveness of product changes. The free version of the book is already available on the official website.

13.10.2021Android Dev Summit 2021
Android Dev Summit 2021

The annual Android Dev Summit online conference is coming soon! Already on October 27-28, you will learn about the new development tools for Android.

This event will focus on Great Apps for All Devices. At the Android Dev Summit, you will also learn about the tools, APIs, and other technologies that enable you to productively develop innovative applications that run on any device.

The conference kicks off October 27 at 10am PT. The opening of the event will be held in a presentation format with the latest news and updates from the world of Android development. This will be followed by 30 different sessions on technical topics. And a separate plus of the event will be that Google has assembled a team directly involved in the development of the Android operating system, which will answer any questions throughout the conference.

13.10.2021Smart Glasses Ray-Ban Stories
Smart Glasses Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook has partnered with EssilorLuxottica to create the first Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. The seemingly unremarkable Ray-Ban glasses are equipped with two 5 megapixel cameras capable of taking stereo photos and videos, speakers and a microphone, as well as a touch panel, buttons and a battery that keeps the device charged for 6 hours.

The lack of digital displays allowing virtual content to be viewed is a major sign that glasses are not ordinary augmented reality glasses. To use all the features of the new Ray-Ban glasses, they must be connected to an iOS or Android device, however, even without such a connection, the glasses can take and store photos and videos in the built-in memory, and then transfer them to the device using the new Facebook View apps.

The developers of the company believe that the new Ray-Ban Stories glasses are the first step of the company in the use of augmented reality. The cost of the glasses ranges from $ 299 to $ 379 and depends on the lenses.

25.09.2021Top 5 Most Popular Apps in August 2021
Top 5 Most Popular Apps in August 2021

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, TikTok is the most popular non-gaming app this August. This is the application that users downloaded 66 million times on their devices, which is 6% more than the number of downloads in the same period of the previous year. In 2021, among all countries, TikTok was installed most actively by residents of China (15%) and the United States (10%).

Instagram took the second place in the number of downloads in the world. This non-gaming app has been downloaded over 59 million times, up 26% from last August. Among all the countries in the world, the most downloaded this application was found in India (36%) and Indonesia (6%).

Also in the top 5 most downloaded non-gaming apps in August 2021 were Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger.

25.09.2021New Programming Language by OpenAI
New Programming Language by OpenAI

OpenAI has developed a new programming language - Triton, which allows you to write highly efficient GPU code for working with AI. An innovative programming language is able, like an expert developer, to create code in just 25 lines, increasing the productivity of equipment.

The main goal of the new, Python-like programming language is to automate equipment optimization processes so that developers have more time to write quality code. It makes it easier to develop custom kernels that can run much faster than kernels in general purpose libraries. The Triton compiler optimizes the code for execution on modern NVIDIA GPUs. It uses data flow analysis and static scheduling of iterative blocks.

Triton was first featured in a 2019 article at the International Machine Learning and Programming Languages ​​Festival. And now the first stable version is already available in the project's GitHub repository.