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Recently, speedrun in games has become more and more popular. WHAT IS SPEEDRUN? A speedrun is a play-through of a whole video game or a selected part of it (such as a single level), performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible as part of a competition or just for fun. A play-through is recorded in a video format. The speedrun appeared in 1994, when a community of Doom players competed among themselves, trying to get through the game as quickly as possible. The main goal is to complete the game in the least amount of time, so players try to find the shortest route, often breaking the storyline, taking actions not covered by the game, remembering game bugs and using them to their advantage (for example, going through walls or jumping over long distances) . Players who are passionate about speedrun have tenacity and patience. Sometimes, to set a record, a gamer spends months and even years, because the only mistake can ruin the whole process, and the gamer has to start again. WHAT RECORDS DO PLAYERS SET? Here are some examples of the most famous games. Final Fantasy X was played-through by a German player in 9 hours and 4 minutes a month ago. The fastest speedrun of the New Super Mario Bros. was made by a player from the USA in 22 minutes 49 seconds 3 days ago. And the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was played-through by a player from Wales in just 18 seconds a year ago! At the moment, in many games there is a daily update of the rating for the speedrun. Exact records and highscore videos can be viewed on


Everything about game streaming

Thanks to the Internet there are some new ways of earning money and new professions. One of them is a streamer. Who is it? Streamers - gamers who play the game, conducting online broadcasts and attracting the audience to their channels. It seems that everything is simple, but it is important not only to be able to play well, but also to have charisma and a sense of humor. After all, everyone can play in silence without witty comments, but you need a talent to turn this process into entertainment not only for yourself, but also for the audience,. The most important thing for the streamer is communication with the audience, therefore, on each streaming platform there is a built-in chat where viewers can both chat with each other and ask gamers questions to hear the answer immediately. What are the platforms for streams? There are many platforms for conducting online broadcasts, but we will talk about the most popular and convenient ones. TWITCH Twitch is the largest online streaming platform, and it specializes only in games. Twitch is available on every device, including smartphones on iOS and Android. The service cooperates with the largest tournaments and conferences in the gaming industry. YOUTUBE To setup the broadcast on this service doesn't take much time, but many gamers believe that this platform is not suitable for such broadcasts, because there are thousands of other videos on various topics on YouTube, so the competition is quite high, and streamers choose this service only as additional platform. FACEBOOK, VK To start broadcasting on these platforms is a matter of one minute. Their main advantage is that with the help of these services you can directly contact your subscribers and friends, and according to statistics, users of social networks comment on live broadcasts much more often than regular videos. How much do streamers earn? As for earnings, the average streamer can earn on broadcasts about $500 a month. However, this information is approximate. There are those who earn much less, gaining an experience in this field, and there are also popular streamers whose earnings reach huge amounts. But as in any profession, it is important to develop and improve the quality of the content, then the wages, accordingly, will grow.


Free music sources for games

While developing a game, lots of people ask: where to find music and sounds for the project? Each melody has copyrights, but hiring a sound engineer is expensive. So we would like to share with you some resources where you can find many tunes and download them for free. Freesound One of the best musical resources used not only by developers, but also by famous musicians and film studios. The site has a very convenient search for various parameters of melodies and sounds, so you'll might find what you were looking for. 99sounds The content of the site is constantly updated by the users of the site. There are very short sounds, as well as full melodies that create the mood of a particular location in the game. Also, this resource does not require registration and allows you to download any track for free. Incompetech A large number of different music, which is conveniently sorted by genre. Commercial use is permitted when adding link to the source. Bensound You'll need to buy a license for many tunes, but the site also has a free section. Commercial use is also permitted when adding link to the source. Musopen A great source of classical music. There are a lot of licensed tracks, but terms of use for them are different. Soundcloud A site similar to a social network where users share music among themselves. In general, it is not free, but there is a community where you can find interesting music with a CC license: “Creative Commons”.


The usefulness of VR

Many people think that VR technology is just entertainment for gamers. But this is not true. It is not right to use such a powerful tool, as, for example, the Internet, for just watching entertaining videos on YouTube or reading some jokes, because in addition to entertaining content, it also contains other, more valuable and useful information. The same thing with VR. Today, more and more projects in VR are being created for such important areas of our lives like business, marketing, education, industrial safety and many others. Business The latest VR technologies help companies to develop their business and become unique. For example, the British company Area SQ, which is engaged in the design, uses VR technology to show their projects to customers. Imagine, you can see not just a plan of your future apartment on a piece of paper, but also take a walk along it, looking at every detail. That's great, right? And now it's not the future, but reality. Social networks In the near future social networks will completely change. There is already a social network Facebook Spaces, designed specifically for virtual reality. So, each user of this network has his own avatar, repeating his facial expressions and movements. Education In Europe, VR-technology is developing in education. Using a special set of software and devices for virtual reality, the developers of the «CLASSVR» project offer to use the new technology not only for individual learning, but also in real classrooms. What's more, teachers don't need to have any programming skills, because all the necessary libraries are pre-installed on the device, and additional materials can be downloaded in a minute. “Where are all these technologies?”. Like everything new, such inventions, due to their high cost, are currently not available to everyone. But do you remember, that the first touchscreen smartphones were also not as cheap as now? And today almost everyone has it. So, the advent of VR technology in every home is only a matter of time.


Evolution of games

Each popular game has its origins. The first versions of some games were released in the 80s, and have many changes since then. Updating the game, developers are trying to fix all the bugs and improve it. What did the first versions of your favorite games look like? How is the game updated with each new version? Read in this article. Snake, One of the first computer games "Snake", was developed in the 1970s. It first appeared as a Hustle slot machine, that was released in 1977 by Gremlin company. The first version on a PC appeared in 1979. A lot of updates and different variations of the game have been released since that time. One of the analogues,, was released recently and for a long time it was very popular. There are, of course, some differences from the famous "Snake". And the most important of them is not even the improved graphics and gameplay of the game, but the fact that everything happens online and you have the opportunity to measure strength, speed and attentiveness with real people. Elite The space simulation game was developed by students at Cambridge University in 1984 and it still exists today. The name of the game reflects one of the main goals of the player: to get into an elite combat squad. The first version of the game was only 22 KB, and now it's the whole universe consisting of eight galaxies with 256 planets in each. And even now, 30 years after the release of the game, Elite is often used as an example in evaluating new games of this genre. Super Mario Bros. It's hard to find someone who doesn't know the game Super Mario Bros. It was developed in 1985 and the first version came out on Nintendo consoles. This particular game was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling game in history, and the character Mario has become one of the most famous characters in the world. Despite the fact that the game was released more than 25 years ago, the game still has its fans. Create the first version of your game today. How to do it? Just write us a message. RedRift Inc. will help in the development of the game, as well as in updating it.


The best game engines

The game engine is not just an important piece of a software that is the basis for video games, and it's not just an endless line of code. A good game engine makes it possible to ensure the smooth operation of your favorite game, allowing developers to bring their ideas into life. That is why we decided to tell you about the best of them. Unreal engine Tim Sweeney began to invent a game that could compete with Quake and Doom in 1995, and as a result hedeveloped the Unreal Engine - the best engine released by Epic Games. The first game developed on this engine was released in 1998 and it called Unreal. And by the end of the 90s about 20 games were created on this engine. Over the past two decades, this number has become so large that it is difficult to count them. On the Unreal Engine were developed such famous games as Deus Ex and BioShock, Borderlands, Mass Effect and Street Fighter V. Source The game development company Valve introduced the Source game engine in 2004. This company also released Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. Both games showed high performance, great graphics and realistic physics. They revealed the real potential of this engine. Despite of all the advantages of Source, Valve remained the main Source user. However, there are some games from other developers, such as Vampire, Masquerade - Bloodlines and Titanfall, were also developed on this engine. Unity The full version of Unity was introduced in 2005, and by the middle of this decade, Unity has become one of the most popular engines in the gaming world, including such games as Firewatch and Superhot. Over a thousand games were developed on this engine. Many developers consider Unity the best engine. And it's clear, because ithas a lot of advantages. Unity is not just an engine, but a cross-platform game development environment: it supports more than 20 different operating systems and platforms. The engine is inexpensive and this fact attracts not only major game developers, but also independent studios and indie game developers. Unity is easy to use, but it might be difficult to work with multi-component schemes, as well as with external libraries. And it's the only drawback. RedRift, Inc. creates games, using the best engines, including Unity. If you wish, we will develop a game for you! Write us a message and get the details.