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Game programming languages

The basis of a mobile or computer game, like any computer software, is code. Developers encrypt all the mechanics of the game using a special language, with the help of which they “communicate” not only with the device, but also with other developers. What programming languages should you know to create a game? Let's figure it out. There are several programming languages for developing games, and the simplest game can be written even in html. Despite the fact that html is used for creating sites, and it's not a programming language at all, this is the fastest and easiest way to live out the idea of a game with the most minimal requirements. Java Mobile applications and games are mostly written in Java. This language is more complex than html, but the games will be more complex and interesting too. However, unlike colorful computer games, the process of their creation is simplified due to the small screen of mobile devices and their weaker technical characteristics. The advantage of Java is its cross-platform feature, i.e., when it was created, it was assumed that it would be supported by all devices. The most famous Java game is Minecraft. It's interesting that the first version of this game was developed in just 6 days. JavaScript JavaScript is most often used to create scripts and browser games. This programming language allows you to store character data and work with graphics. JavaScript has few opportunities in game creation, but browser games attract millions of users not by code complexity, but due to well-made game mechanics. C# One of the most popular programming languages is C#. Created in 2010 by Microsoft, this language is used to develop games on the Unity engine and is supported on any platform, including consoles, PCs and mobile devices on both Android and iOS. An excellent example of the game written in C# is Angry Birds. It was developed only by 4 people in 8 months, spending on the creation about $140 000. C++ To create computer games, VR games, online multiplayer games with realistic graphics, developers use the most complex programming language - C++. But despite its complexity, it also has lots of possibilities. When developing an AAA class game, you need to take into account many details, for example, lighting, element shadows, animation, etc., therefore, work on such projects is carried out in large game development studios. These games are most often created on engines, but, for example, the popular game World of Warcraft, was written in C++ without any engine. Also in this language were written such famous games as Call of Duty, FIFA, The Sims, Doom3 and many others. So what language should you learn to develop your own game? And which one is the most universal? There is no universal language, and when creating a game, developers might use up to 7-8 programming languages, so get ready to become a polyglot if you want to be a good game developer. The more languages a developer knows, the more interesting and complex tasks they face. And if you don’t know which language is better for the start of your path as a developer, take a look at special programs for creating games. For example, you can use the GameMaker program and start implementing your ideas, while studying the general mechanics of games and the principles of their development.


Hololens 2

Our modern digital world goes beyond the usual 2D images and plunges into three-dimensional reality. This three-dimensional world can help us reach new heights and implement our ideas. Developers create new products for immersion in the 3D world. One of the newest and most innovative products by Microsoft is HoloLens. The first version of these mixed reality glasses was released in 2016. The device is completely autonomous and don't require a connection to a smartphone, PC or game console. HoloLens runs on an Intel processor and has an integrated holographic processor designed specifically for HoloLens. The amount of internal memory of the device is 64GB, and the amount of RAM reaches 2GB. The device also has 4 cameras for orientation in space, 4 microphones, a gyro stabilizer, a depth sensor and light sensors. You can control glasses with gestures, with the help of the built-in voice assistant Cortana, with the help of a special clicker that comes with the device, as well as with the buttons on the glasses. At the beginning of 2019, Microsoft introduced a new, improved HoloLens model. The main advantage of HoloLens 2 is an expanded view. The headset also has an integrated eye movement tracking sensor. The ability to control glasses with gestures has become more accurate thanks to the new time-of-flight depth sensor. Like the previous model of glasses, HoloLens 2 can be used in various fields: in business, in medicine, as well as in the development of games and creation of 3D models. To create three-dimensional applications, Microsoft recommends using the Unity engine, as well as the Vuforia SDK, which is designed specifically for developing augmented reality applications. You can order the device at a price of $3,500 now on the official Microsoft website.


5G networks

Recently, there were four generations of mobile communications in the world. Now operators, with the support of equipment suppliers, are actively testing the capabilities of fifth-generation networks, whose commercial heyday is expected by 2020. The fifth generation mobile communication standard(5G) is a new stage in the developmentof technology, which is designed to expand the possibilities of accessing the Internet through radio access networks. In 2017, 3GPP officially announced that 5G will become the official name for the next generation of mobile communications and introduced a new official logo for the communications standard. Thanks to 5G networks, any games and applications on smartphones will be able to unite thousands of people simultaneously online. 5G SERVICES: 1. Extreme Mobile Broadband (eMBB) - the implementation of ultra-wideband communications with the aim of transmitting "heavy" content; 2. Massive machine-type communications (mMTC) - support for the Internet of things (ultra-narrowband); 3. Ultra-Reliable Low Latency communication (URLLC) - providing a special class of services with very low latencies. It is obvious that in the future much more devices will be connected to this network, most of which will work on the principle of “always online”. At the same time, their low power consumption will be a very important feature.


Motion capture software

How long will it take 3D modelers and animators to manually create and animate a 3D model? A lot of time. That'swhy developers create programs that simplify and accelerate the rendering of films, cartoons and games with the animated 3D models. With the development of motion capture technology (or mocap), 3D models began to look much more natural than those that were created by the hand. For example, you can recall the famous movie "Avatar" or the hero of the movie "Avengers" Hulk. In the gaming industry - a vivid example of excellent work with mocap “The Last of Us”. Most of the Electronic Arts games are also created using this technology. What programs will need to be installed to work with motion capture technology? 1. Fastmocap The simplest and most affordable program for quick creation of 3D models with motion capture technology. All you need is a computer and a Microsoft Kinect. The program is compatible with other software (Maya, MotionBuilder, 3D Studio Max, Blender, iClone, etc.) for further improving a 3D model. Fastmocap runs on both Windows and Mac, and is suitable for usingat home. 2.iClone If you have about thousand dollars, then you can use the iClone. iClone Motion Live supports mocap technology with the help of an iPhone, webcam, motion suit or special gloves. Also compatible with programs for capturing body movements (Perception Neuron, OptiTrack, Xsens, Rokoko, Qualisys), hands (Leap Motion) and face (Faceware). 3. Rokoko Rokoko has several products for creating 3D models and motion capture. Motion capture suit ($ 2495), Program for capturing facial expressions ($ 39 / month), Studio for creating and editing 3D models (with support of Unity and Unreal Engine), Library with ready-made 3D models of other users. The whole set will cost a lot, but it's convenient to work in it, and there is also a possibility of integration with other services. 4. Vive Mocap Kit (plugin for Unreal Engine), a similar plugin exists for Unity. Vive Mocap Kit costs about 150 euros. Both plugins are quite difficult to use, but they contain useful features, such as the possibility of remapping. Then you can use Blender to further develop a 3D model.


3D time machine

Have you dreamed at least once of being in the past and seeing, for example, how architectural masterpieces were built? Or how did dinosaurs walk on the earth? Today we will tell you about the project, thanks to which any time traveling will be possible. The project of European scientists “Inception” involves the reconstruction of events or objects using VR and AR technologies. Creating a digital cloud, which consists of numerous points, the developers obtained a set of exact spatial coordinates. Then they colored the objects and had a 3D model as a result. This method helps to divide the constructed object into parts and study individual details. Similar technologies are already used in the development of games and applications in augmented and virtual reality. The demonstration site of the project was the famous architectural building - Istituto degli Innocenti, built during the Renaissance in the 15th century in France. Here the scientists and developers were collecting the necessary elements to create a 3D model of the building. The main goal of the project is to enable current and future generations to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of mankind and to join the history of creating the greatest masterpieces. In the future, users studying objects in virtual or augmented reality will have the opportunity to learn various historical facts about a particular object, listen to authentic songs, legends and fairy tales. 14 companies are involved in the development of the project. According to the developers, a combination of historical facts and modern capabilities of 3D modeling and VR technologies makes it possible to analyze the development of a particular architectural monument. The database with information about historical objects formed in the future will be available to a wide audience. It will be enough only to download and install a special application on your smartphone and use the augmented or virtual reality device.


Free mockups for your projects

Our designers know how to demonstrate the product to the client in a good way, whether it be an application on a smartphone, website or business card. And we are ready to share this knowledge with you. Mockup - a product layout that is used by designers to demonstrate the created design. Moreover, designers often use mockups by themselves to look at the project through the eyes of the user. Mockups are used not only to create objects (business cards, books, packaging, etc.), but also when developing games, applications and sites. A designer can create such models on his own, but it will take a lot of time and effort, therefore, to facilitate the work of a designer, there are special libraries on the Internet with ready-made mockups. WHERE TO FIND FREE MOCKUPS? 1. Freebiesbug A site with a huge selection of free mockups for your products. Here you will find not only mockups,but also other resources for web development. There are mockups from well-known companies (for example, smartphones, watches and other Apple gadgets), as well as products from other developers. 2. PSDMockups A huge library of free mockups on absolutely any topic. And thanks to the convenient search, you will definitely find what you were looking for. 3. Collection by Prechu This site has collected more than a thousand free mockups in PSD. All layouts are sorted into categories, so finding the right mockup won't also take much time.