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3D modeling in games

No modern game can do without 3D graphics, and the profession of a 3D artist has recently become increasingly popular. How are 3D models created for games? What programs can you use to turn a 2D game into 3D and realistic one? Keep reading and you will find the answers to these questions. The process of creating a 3D model of any game consists of several stages. Modeling 3D artists use polygonal modeling for games, which is easy to visualize. The artist is limited by the capabilities of the game engine and platform, and the number of polygons for each element is set in advance. The graphics are noticeably improving in lots of new games, andthe artist faces a difficult task: to improve the visual component of the game with a limited number of polygons. The most popular programs for creating 3D models are: Autodesk Maya Autodesk 3Ds Max Cinema 4D Modo Blender The last of which is free and often used by indie-developers for creating games. Texturing When a general view of the 3D model is ready, the texture artist continues to create the image of an object adding textures. First of all the artist creates an UV mapping (a two-dimensional image of a 3D model) to set the textures more accurately. You can create UV mapping in the same programs as the models themselves, but the most convenient way to do this is to use the UVLayout program. Rigging At this step, using the same programs for creating 3D models, artists create bones of the character and controllers to manipulate these bones. They help to animate an object. Animation The main task of animators is to “revive” the model and make its movements more realistic. The easiest and fastest way to animate a model is animation on key frames, when the animator sets the starting and ending positions of the character's movement, and the program automatically completes the missing frames. However, even in this case, it is often necessary to correct the result. The best programs for creating character animation are Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D. Rendering The final step of creating a 3D model is the final visualization of the scenes. In games, real-time rendering is used, because reactions to the player's actions occur instantly. To save the quality of graphics, artists usually use different 3D accelerators. One of the most powerful visualizers are: Mental Ray, VRay and Renderman. Compositing When all the work is completed, the compositor integrates all the parts into a single scene, integrates three-dimensional characters and other 3D elements into the game, eliminates shortcomings and removes unnecessary things, works on various effects. Composer is responsible for the final product. Professional compositing software: Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion. In RedRift, Inc. there are talented and professional 3D artists who will make your game as realistic as possible. If you have any questions, write us a message. We will answer quickly and help you to solve any problem!


Game platforms: Steam and Origin

The game industry became not just a place for entertainment, but turned into a real business. It is almost impossible to find the official version of a good game for free. Anyway, the developers try to make a profit from the product, because they have spent a lot of time, efforts and energy to create the game. Games are sold on special virtual platforms. Among the most popular of them - Steam and Origin. What are the pros and cons of these services? Which one is better? What are the bonuses for each them? Steam Steam - at this moment is the largest platformwith the most extensive library of games. Here are the most generous discounts and the largest community of users. There are more than fifteen thousand games inthe Steam collection, and on holidays you can buy the game with a discount of up to 60%. The disadvantages of the site stem from its merits: recently it has become too big. And it's to difficult to find a good game among thousands of low quality. Another disadvantage is not the most responsive technical support. However, we can understand them. When there are more than 120 million users, it’s really difficult to answer them all in time. Origin Origin is a platform owned by Electronic Arts. Most of the games developed by EA. Often Origin makes promotions and gives games for free, as well as provides an opportunity to play the game for free, and after the trial period expires, decide whether to buy it or not. What about disadvantages? The library of EA games is very limited, prices sometimes are higher than you expected, and the unstable work of the service, not the most convenient application, the lack of a recommendation system, and not the most comfortable interface make the process of using this platform rather complicated. But if you are a fan of games like Battlefield, Crysis, Star Wars: Battlefront, The Sims, then the choice of site for buying a game is obvious. Each game platform has its advantages and disadvantages, but we can confidently say that these platforms are not competitors. They complement each other. And if you want to see your game on one of them - write us a message. RedRift, Inc. will help to realize your dream!


Games or sports?

Why is esports recognized as a sport like the “traditional” sports, such as football, hockey, basketball, etc.? Let's figure it out together. Esports accept bets, as well as during traditional sports competitions, and funds of cyber competitions often exceed the funds of traditional sports. The international prize fund of The International 2018 for Dota 2 game players was $ 25.5 million. And this is the biggest prize fund of such competitions. There are professional and semi-professional leagues. For example, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) is the oldest and one of the largest esports leagues in Europe. There are 4,255,350 users registered on its official website and 1,868,470 players are active. ESL users form 932 603 teams that take part in thousands of available battles every day. Competitions of gamers broadcast on sports channels. Sponsors see huge potential in esports broadcasts and are ready to invest even more. It is not surprising that the popularity of esports broadcasts attracted public television. One of the channels which began to show esport championships was the Swedish channel TV6, and, for example, in Germany esports is broadcast on the main sports channel SPORT1. Also there are several federations and other associations of cyber-athletes in the world. The largest of them is located in Russia - the FKS of the Russian Federation (the Federation of Computer Sports of the Russian Federation), which is authorized to form national teams for participation in major world esport championships. Esport is a popular and fast-growing field that involves lots of people. It seems that it's easy to become a cybersportsman, and the huge prize funds are tempting to turn on the computer and start the game. But do not forget that behind every victory there are years of cyber training and thousands of defeats. That is why esports can be considered a real sport. If you want millions of users to play your game, write us a message! Experienced game developers from RedRift, Inc. will create the game according to your requirements.



For any responsible company, the basis of a successful business is a customer feedback. The gaming industry is no exception. Today we will share with you the story of how game developers took into account the opinions of gamers and ... We would like to start a story with a more detailed description of the game and the company. EVE is a multiplayer online game with a sci-fi plot, which takes place in space. In EVE Online, the player acts as the captain of a spacecraft, and all decisions they make affect the plot of the game. The game, released in 2003 by the game developing company CCP Games, headquartered in Iceland, was quite popular at the beginning, and the number of users has steadily increased. The reason was quite simple: the release of the game took place at the peak of the development of online games, and EVE turned out to be the first one in this genre. However, with an increase in the number of players, the number of complaints increased too. Each pilot in EVE had his own list of complaints. The developers didn't hurry to upgrade the game. It was working, the number of users continued to increase. What else could they dream? But one day everything has changed. Developers began to set the upgrades created several years earlier. A little bit later, the senior producer of the game said that the big changes were coming in the game. The company began to consider the remarks of the players. Since that time the game has changed significantly for the better and exists today, and this is the great indicator of quality. The last update of EVE occurred on April 16, 2019. So, the developers took into account the opinions of gamers and... have created a high quality product that has its audience even after 16 years of existence! RedRift, Inc. also respects the opinions of their customers. You can always contact us with any question, leave a review or a comment. We'll take into account all the shortcomings and make a game of the highest quality!


The best screen adaptations of games

When a video game becomes popular, film makers create a movie based on this video game. They try to attract gamers and fans and make them watching a movie with their favorite characters in a cinema. Some video game movie adaptations have a great success, getting lots of positive feedbacks, others have disappointed the average moviegoer as well as longtime players. With Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, which was released not long ago and Sonic the Hedgehog, rated as one of the most anticipated movies, we've decided to make a list of the best video game movies. 1. Tomb Raider The female incarnation of Indiana Jones - Lara Croft - for many people is associated primarily with Angelina Jolie, and only then with the heroine of the Tomb Raider game series. If you like adventure movies with ancient legends, searching for artifacts, fights and chases, and you still haven't watched this movie - buy popcorn. 2. Mortal Kombat Everything related to Mortal Kombat was very popylar for all children in the 1990s. These are games on Sega and the first computers, magazines with stickers, of course, movies. Johnny Cage, a movie star, has become a generation hero. In the second part of the movie, there wasn't the main character, but people continued to watch the movie just because this is Mortal Kombat! 3. Warcraft The film's actions take place in the universe of World of Warcraft - quite complex and not very interesting to someone who is not familiar with the original gaming history. Nevertheless, the audience enjoyed the movie. To those who are indifferent to the Warcraft universe, it might seem just an average fantasy movie, but those who loves game creations by Blizzard company were satisfied. Do you have an idea for a game, the analogue of which once may be released in a cinema? Then contact us to cooperate with the RedRift, Inc. company. Together we will develop a game that will be worth of screen adaptation.


Free graphic sources for game developers

Do you want to create a game but you haven't enough money to use a help of a professional designer? We would like to share with you some useful links to get a free graphic assets for your games. 1. This site is based in Netherlands and it offers great graphics to the game developers. You can use all the materials from this site everywhere without worrying about copyright. There is also a search for graphics by category, which helps to speeds up the process. In addition, the site contains collections of free music. 2. Probably one of the best sites in this field. is a huge site that offers all kinds of graphics needed for game development. There is also free sounds for games. The main advantage of this resource is the constant updating of materials. So you can always quickly choose the best and freshest graphics. 3. Untamed.wild-refuge An excellent resource for those who are thinking or are already creating their own game. When you click to the one of the sections, all objects there: characters, objects, locations, and so on, appear on one page, which simplifies and speeds up the selection. When you click on a chosen character, a link opens to the .png file, with all 3d projections and movements. And if you want the graphics in your game to be original, then RedRift, Inc. company is happy to help you. Our team has not only professional game developers, but also talented designers! Write us a message and we will answer all your questions.