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Gaming forecasts from Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower analyzed various indicators of two services: App Store and Google Play, and based on the information received, made their forecast for 2023. How much will users spend on games in the near future? Which countries will be leaders in downloading games and applications? Read this article to find the answers. Right now, in the App Store, the number of games among other content of the service is about 70%. Analysts at Sensor Tower predict that their share will gradually decline and will drop to 60% by 2023. On Google Play, things are a little better, but according to the forecasts of Sensor Tower, this indicator will also decrease. And if now the share of games among all applications is approximately 87%, then by 2023 the ratio will decrease by 1%. HOW MUCH MONEY DO PEOPLE SPEND ON GAMES? Last year, gamers around the world spent about $50 billion on the App Store games and another $25 billion on Google Play. The Sensor Tower suggests that this indicator will increase and by 2023 App Store users will spend almost twice as much money on games, while Google Play users will spend about $60 billion. IN WHICH COUNTRIES IS IT PROFITABLE TO PUBLISH GAMES? Game developers will get the most profit from projects hosted on the App Store in countries such as China, the USA and Japan, and by 2023 this three leaders will remain the same. And for games on Google Play, Japan, the USA, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan will be the most profitable platforms. INVESTING IN THE FUTURE According to analysts from Sensor Tower, one of the most promising regions actively developing in the gaming field will be Africa and Latin America. The gamers’ expenses on games from the App Store in these regions will increase by more than 300% by 2023, and on Android games this figure will increase by about 400%.


Niantic develops AR-technology

The developer of the famous AR-game Pokemon Go, as well as the games Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announced the creation of a contest for financing independent developers of games and applications that will run on the engine of the company. The Real World Platform engine, on which all Niantic games are created, uses the latest technologies, which the company has been working on for quite a long time. These are computer vision technology, software depth detection, and the ability to recognize various objects in real time. Niantic is introducing many new features that were not previously used by other developers. For example, the Pokemon Go AR-game uses geolocation, mapping, and social features. But Niantic has so many plans for the next couple of years that the director od the company decided to consider applications for creating AR-games on the Real World Platform engine from other studios and independent developers. And if the application and the project idea is approved, the studios/developers will receive financial and any other help from the company. For these purposes, management of the Niantic has allocated $10 million from the budget and plans to continue the active development of new AR-technologies.


Clean The Roads

The team of Red Rift, Inc. tired of playing boring races, just overtaking rivals on the road, so our developers decided to improve it! The game “Clean the Roads”was created based on the idea of the customer. The player, driving a car, clears his way from sand, snow, dodging obstacles and collecting bonuses. Upon arrival, the player receives coins, which he can spend on upgrading his car. The game is developed on the Unity engine, which is one of the best game engines at the moment. To create the application interface and 3D models of cars, our developers use Photoshop and Blender. These are the main programs that make it possible to work with graphics at a professional level, create 3D models and then add them to the game. RedRift, Inc. developers mainly use the Rider code editor, IDE to generate game code. IDE is an integrated development environment that contains many functions for creating, modifying, compiling, deploying, and debugging software. JetBrains Rider is a cross-platform IDE for the .NET platform developed by JetBrains. Programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, and F# are supported in this development environment. Also, to write the game code, our developers use a software package by Microsoft - Microsoft Visual Studio, which includes an IDE and other development tools. One of the benefits of Visual Studio is the ability to create and connect third-party plugins to extend the overall functionality. To work with Git, the developers of the game “Clean the Roads” use the cross-platform visual client SourceTree. Using this program, you can create, view and edit GitHub projects, as well as publish them to your profile. The development of the game “Clean the Roads” began on June 3, but you can download the game on Google Play and test it personally right now! The application is updated by our developers: we often add some new levels and constantly improve the gameplay.



Oculus Connect conference brings together developers, inventors and other people who are passionate about the development of VR and AR technologies to exchange experiences, ideas and innovations in this field. Last year, many new products were presented, including a project from Facebook Labs - Live Maps. The company proposes to create a virtual reality that will exactly copy the real world. A common 3D virtual map will be created with the help of machine vision, localization, and multi-layer mapping technology. You have to use virtual reality glasses to immerse yourself into this 3D world. A video demonstration of this technology reveals huge potential: projecting notifications and messages in the air, identifying objects with tags, communicating with real people by projecting a holographic avatar, and even the possibility of virtual teleportation to different parts of the world. The project so far exists only in theory, but the company is already beginning active work in this direction.


Cyberverse by Huawei

Huawei introduced a new mixed virtual reality platform - Cyberverse. The project was demonstrated at the Huawei Developer Conference 2019 in Dongguan, China. Cyberverse is a virtual world with additional information about the environment, which can be obtained by pointing the camera of the smartphone at the object of reality. The developers claim that the new platform will be successfully used in tourism. When the traveler points the camera of the smartphone to the sigths, they see information about the object, as well as possible routes to other attractions. The virtual platform will be also in demand in the field of trade. When the buyers can find out all the information they are interested in by pointing the camera of the smartphone at the product. Also with the help of the Cyberverse platform, users can quickly navigate in space, look for ticket offices or check-in desks at airports, railway stations, hospitals, etc. At the same time, the new platform allows you to play AR-games like Pockemon Go. A video with an example of using a virtual platform was shown at the conference. The user points the camera to various buildings on the Huawei campus and immediately sees information about these buildings: numbers, routes, information about the availability of meeting rooms, etc. The virtual platform will be integrated into third-party applications, which will open up additional opportunities for its use.


Sports training in VR

When playing any games in virtual reality, you have to move in order to complete the task. The developers of VR applications offer to the gamers increasing their physical activity by conducting full-time workouts at home, using special sports games and virtual reality glasses. In June of this year, one of such sports applications was released - VireFit. According to the developers, this application is designed for professional training and improving of sports skills. There are three modes in the game. "Basketball". Three baskets of different colors appear in front of the player. The player’s task is to catch the balls and throw them into the basket of the same color as the ball. This game mode improve accuracy, reaction speed and concentration. "Tennis". The task of the gamer is to hit the balls, dodging bombs, and hit the big target. The closer the ball touches the center of the target, the more points the player receives. This mode develops reaction speed and accuracy. "Boxing". Training in this mode is the most intense, because a virtual opponent with advanced artificial intelligence is fighting a player. And the gamer's task is to defeat the opponent faster than he put him in the ring. The player can dodge, inflict and block blows, while the virtual opponent changes tactics, evaluating the player’s movements and speed. The game also has three difficulty levels (easy, normal and difficult) and three time levels (3, 5 and 7 minutes of training), as well as saving training statistics and a virtual trainer that will help you track the results and adjust the training program. The application was tested by more than 50 trainers, and it has two victories in the Cyber Garden hackathon. The game can now be downloaded on Steam.